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BEST ALBUMS OF 2018 – Evening Standard, 12 Dec 2018

It’s all “mixtapes”, “playlists” and “projects” round here these days. Some musicians will do anything to avoid calling a collection of more than a dozen examples of their music an album. But rather than signalling the death of the form, as some have suggested, I reckon it means that they understand what a big deal it still is. The album… Read more →

THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2017 – Evening Standard, 8 Dec 2017

  With only Eminem and N.E.R.D left to sneak under the wire of 2017’s major album releases, it’s time to line them all up against the wall and pick a team. Sure, I could offer you an numbered countdown of personal favourites (*loud cough* LCD Soundystem!) the better to receive maximum comment box abuse, but felt it would be more… Read more →

TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do review – Evening Standard, 25 Aug 2017

  Last Friday she deleted all of her social media posts to replace them with three sinister snake videos. In the early hours of this morning Taylor Swift slid back into view with the first song from a new album.   The mean electronic buzz and orchestral strings of the single, Look What You Made Me Do (written with past… Read more →

BEST ALBUMS OF 2016 – Evening Standard, 16 Dec 2016

In these days of Spotify subscriptions and iTunes vouchers, giving the gift of music for Christmas has never been more easy and less personal.  You can’t show a close friend or relative that you truly understand them with a gift card. For that reason, after a bumper year for great music here are several dozen of the finest album releases… Read more →

ADELE 25 review – Evening Standard, 20 Nov 2015

Well, here it is: Adele’s 25 album, on sale today. Have you got it yet? Or are you planning on waiting four and a half years, like the people who sent its predecessor, 21, back into the charts yet again this month?   The second release from Tottenham’s Adele Adkins reached a demographic rarely tapped in music: the forgetful, the… Read more →

BJÖRK Vulnicura album review – Evening Standard, 22 Jan 2015

Bjork’s surprise album release this week is not a marketing stunt to match recent bombshells by Beyonce and U2, which were deliberately unveiled as surprise downloads with great fanfare. We had already been warned to expect this one in March, but online leaks have forced the Icelandic musician into an early reveal in the iTunes store. For someone whose last… Read more →

DAMIEN RICE – My Favourite Faded Fantasy, first listen – Evening Standard, 12 Sept 2014

There’s only one Irish music comeback worth getting excited about this week. No, it isn’t U2. Damien Rice has announced that his first album since 2006 will arrive in November, a return to recording that could easily never have happened. While the delicate, heartbreaking title track of My Favourite Faded Fantasy has just appeared online, I’ve had an exclusive first… Read more →

U2: SONGS OF INNOCENCE album review – Evening Standard, 10 Sept 2014

You don’t need a critic to tell you whether the new U2 album is worth owning. If you’re one of the 500 million people in the world with an iTunes account, you already own it. The world’s biggest rock band announced their return just as Britain was settling down to a quiet evening with Holby City. The 13th U2 album… Read more →

DAFT PUNK – Random Access Memories review – Evening Standard, 3 May 2013

This week their comeback, Get Lucky, hit number one and sold more copies than any single has in one week in the UK this year. Last week the song had the biggest number of plays in one day on Spotify since the streaming service began. Thirteen years since their last hit single and eight since their last proper album, the… Read more →

DAVID BOWIE ALBUM REVIEW – Evening Standard, 27 Feb 2013

David Bowie The Next Day (RCA) 4****   “Here I am, not quite dying,” David Bowie sings on the title track and opening song of his comeback album. There had been newspaper articles fretting about his health, and a decade-long silence so deafening that alt-rock band The Flaming Lips were even moved to write a song entitled Is David Bowie… Read more →