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20 ALBUMS OF THE DECADE – Evening Standard, 13 Dec 2019

As the decade closes, it’s obvious who the biggest acts were. Since the ready availability of YouTube and Spotify stream counts, this period has been awash with gargantuan statistics, principally generated by Ed Sheeran and Adele but with Taylor Swift, Drake and Ariana Grande also making up the big numbers. But what music was so good it will genuinely last?… Read more →

BEST ALBUMS OF 2018 – Evening Standard, 12 Dec 2018

It’s all “mixtapes”, “playlists” and “projects” round here these days. Some musicians will do anything to avoid calling a collection of more than a dozen examples of their music an album. But rather than signalling the death of the form, as some have suggested, I reckon it means that they understand what a big deal it still is. The album… Read more →

THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2017 – Evening Standard, 8 Dec 2017

  With only Eminem and N.E.R.D left to sneak under the wire of 2017’s major album releases, it’s time to line them all up against the wall and pick a team. Sure, I could offer you an numbered countdown of personal favourites (*loud cough* LCD Soundystem!) the better to receive maximum comment box abuse, but felt it would be more… Read more →

BEST ALBUMS OF 2016 – Evening Standard, 16 Dec 2016

In these days of Spotify subscriptions and iTunes vouchers, giving the gift of music for Christmas has never been more easy and less personal.  You can’t show a close friend or relative that you truly understand them with a gift card. For that reason, after a bumper year for great music here are several dozen of the finest album releases… Read more →

ALBUMS OF 2014 GIFT GUIDE – Evening Standard, 5 Dec 2014

Sure, you could give an iTunes voucher to the music lover in your life this Christmas, or you could attempt to be a little more thoughtful and choose an album for them, if you dare. Here’s a round-up for reference, with the best releases of 2014 divided into piles depending on the kind of person who might like them. It’s… Read more →