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ANDREYA TRIANA interview – Evening Standard, 22 Feb 2019

I’m watching Andreya Triana make her live comeback beneath the stained glass windows of Soho’s Chapel of St Barnabas. Dressed all in red with hair vaulting upwards, the soul singer doesn’t find it hard to draw attention away from 19th Century architectural flourishes. New songs from her forthcoming third album include Broke, which dismisses material things to announce, “I’m a… Read more →

ANDREYA TRIANA, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 7 April 2015

It was appropriate for Andreya Triana to begin her set with a stirring song entitled It’s Not Over. The London soul singer might have been forgotten five years after her debut album. She sneaked into the top 10 in late 2013, with an uncharacteristic dance remix of her song Everything You Never Had by producer Breach, but otherwise she’s been… Read more →

ANDREYA TRIANA interview – Evening Standard, 9 August 2013

It’s odd that Andreya Triana has spent her music career rubbing shoulders with the hippest of left-field beatmakers, for the London singer looks every inch a star when we meet in a Shepherd’s Bush pub. Hair piled high, with an elaborate metal necklace taking up half of her chest, it’s not just her music that’s striking. After early guest appearances… Read more →