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ANNA CALVI interview – Evening Standard, 15 June 2018

It was in April that everything first turned red for Anna Calvi. The south London singer-guitarist saturated every new image on her Instagram page with the colour: bodies, her own face, models of ambiguous gender. Then, last week, she revealed that the title of her third album would be Hunter, unveiled a bright, loud new single called Don’t Beat the… Read more →

ANNA CALVI interview – Evening Standard, 10 June 2011

The Southbank’s Meltdown festival is upon us, and Ray Davies is the latest legend to curate a prestigious 10 days of rock, jazz and spoken word events. Not previously noted as a talent spotter (last year’s See My Friends album featured such bright young things as Bon Jovi and Metallica), Davies has nonetheless displayed impeccable taste by booking 28-year-old singer-guitarist… Read more →

ANNA CALVI, Wilton’s Music Hall – Evening Standard, 13 Sept 2013

In the crumbling theatre that is about to put on its own version of Dracula, Anna Calvi found the perfect space to reveal her latest collection of doomed gothic romance. The 2011 Mercury nominee’s first concert before a second album next month suffered from a slightly standoffish, here’s-another-new-one, atmosphere, but first impressions suggested there is much to look forward to.… Read more →