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TOP 10 DJs PASSNOTES – Evening Standard, 7 Nov 2014

Calvin Harris is likely to knock Taylor Swift off the top spot in the albums chart on Sunday, with the follow-up to an album that produced more hit singles than Thriller. Then David Guetta reappears with a new album later this month, his last one having sold three million copies. Meanwhile, these two and their clubland peers are jetting all… Read more →

AVICII INTERVIEW – Evening Standard, 19 July 2013

Bad luck, Daft Punk. Back of the line, Robin Thicke. The real biggest song of the year has just been released and it isn’t Get Lucky or Blurred Lines. It’s an unorthodox mix of trance synths, soul vocals and folk stomping made by a young Swede currently ranked the number three DJ in the world. The whole world is dancing… Read more →