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BBC Music Awards, Earls Court – Evening Standard, 12 Dec 2014

Eight years since Top of the Pops was dropped, the BBC wants to remind us that it really, really likes music. The love-in began with wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage, continued with that all-star God Only Knows video in October, and culminated in the inaugural BBC Music Awards last night. Strangely, there weren’t many awards — just four, two of which went… Read more →

MERCURY PRIZE 2014 commentary – Evening Standard, 30 Oct 2014

“It’s positive,” said Graham Hastings of Young Fathers when asked how the trio felt about their Mercury Prize victory. You might not have guessed it from their grim faces, buried in coats as though they weren’t staying, when making the world’s shortest acceptance speech last night. This indefinable band, a multiracial hip hop group based in the rap wasteland of… Read more →

POP AWARDS 2013 – Evening Standard, 24 Dec 2013

What became of pop in 2013? Are we in a better place now that David Bowie is back and David Guetta has shut up for a bit, or did we plummet down a moral sinkhole led by Robin Thicke and a sledgehammer-wielding Miley Cyrus? How can we know for sure where we stand? With a haphazardly compiled collection of imaginary… Read more →

MERCURY PRIZE 2013 commentary – Evening Standard, 31 Oct 2013

After giving the prize to the bookies’ favourite three years running, then facing criticism this year for a safe shortlist that featured five number one albums, the Mercury judges proved they are still capable of springing a surprise when it comes to the big moment. James Blake had been nominated before for his debut album and come away trophy-less, so… Read more →

BRIT AWARDS 2013 – Evening Standard, 11 Jan 2013

Our torch singers burn the brightest, our boybands are more puppylike than everyone else’s, and our guitar groups have the best tunes. The Brit Awards may take place 10 days after the Grammys but they won’t feel like an afterthought this year. As musicians gather in the world’s most popular music venue, the O2 Arena, on February 20, we’ll see… Read more →

POP AWARDS 2012 – Evening Standard, 14 Dec 2012

While the Olympics honoured extraordinary feats by many of the finest physical specimens in existence, here at the Evening Standard Pop Department (Awards Section) we prefer to take more of a primary school sports day approach. If you tried really hard at music this year, even if the end result was a Steps Christmas album, we’ve tried our damnedest to… Read more →

MERCURY PRIZE/ALT-J – Evening Standard, 2 Nov 2012

For the third year running, the bookies’ favourite has won the Mercury Prize. Alt-J’s debut album An Awesome Wave was on short odds even before the 12-strong shortlist was announced in September. Perhaps we should have let Paddy Power give the £20,000 cheque out back then and saved ourselves a lot of fancy puddings. This might be a sign that… Read more →

2011 POP AWARDS – Evening Standard, 9 Dec 2011

Unlike some awards ceremonies we could mention, here at the Evening Standard we don’t just hand out trophies to any two-bit pop star who happens to be passing the office. We take the task of honouring the year’s greatest moments in pop extremely seriously, and if that means risking Rihanna’s wrath as she’s denied the Best Haircut prize for the… Read more →