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BRIT AWARDS 2018 commentary – Evening Standard, 22 Feb 2018

It was worth watching the BRIT Awards all the way to the end – traditionally the point when the Lifetime Achievement winner is trudging into their ninth song – to see, instead, Stormzy demonstrating why he more than deserved his status as man of the night. First seen on the BRITs stage as part of Kanye West’s backing crew in… Read more →

BRIT AWARDS 2017 commentary – Evening Standard, 23 Feb 2017

After being criticised for a lack of diversity in 2016, this was the year that the Brit Awards welcomed grime into the house but kept it in the hallway. Nominees Skepta, Stormzy and Kano all went home with empty pockets, and although Stormzy’s surprise rap during Ed Sheeran’s meek Shape of You was a welcome surprise, Skepta’s incendiary performance of… Read more →

BRIT AWARDS commentary – Evening Standard, 25 Feb 2016

Ordinarily too boring to be remembered for anything other than its unscripted mishaps, the BRIT Awards 2016 will go down as the year in which Adele won absolutely everything. British Female, British Single, Global Success and British Album – as I recall, she won International Group too.   The Tottenham singer even took home the unofficial award for unplanned moment… Read more →

BRIT AWARDS 2016 preview – Evening Standard, 19 Feb 2016

Next Wednesday the great and good of British pop music will don gowns and gather at the O2 Arena, patting each other on the back and celebrating the fact that the BRIT Awards are 17 hours shorter than the Grammys. Who’ll win? Who’ll lose? Who’ll cry? Who’ll send a half-arsed acceptance video over from America? These are the things we… Read more →

THE BROSCARS (Brits/Oscars mash-up with David Sexton) – Evening Standard, 20 Feb 2015

Most Uncomfortably Sexual   Oscars   This year’s Oscar contenders hardly boast a worthwhile sex scene between them. A few flashbacks to naughtiness for Reese Witherspoon in Wild? Ros Pike getting nasty in Gone Girl? It doesn’t add up to much. Maybe sauciest was M Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) getting it on with Madame D (Tilda Swinton, marvellously made up) in… Read more →

BRIT Awards 2013 – Evening Standard, 21 Feb 2013

Every Brit Awards ceremony needs at least one shock if it is to be remembered, as demonstrated by most of host James Corden’s jokes last night being about Adele’s speech being cut short last year. A Corden kiss for Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, and Sharon Osbourne saying “willy”, may fade more quickly. This was a slick operation, free of stage… Read more →

BRIT AWARDS 2013 – Evening Standard, 11 Jan 2013

Our torch singers burn the brightest, our boybands are more puppylike than everyone else’s, and our guitar groups have the best tunes. The Brit Awards may take place 10 days after the Grammys but they won’t feel like an afterthought this year. As musicians gather in the world’s most popular music venue, the O2 Arena, on February 20, we’ll see… Read more →