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DAVID BOWIE musical appreciation – Evening Standard, 11 Jan 2016

News of David Bowie’s death would have been less surprising during the decade-long silence between his 2003 album, Reality, and 2013’s The Next Day. Then, articles worrying about his health were regularly published. In 2011 the American psychedelic band The Flaming Lips even released a song entitled Is David Bowie Dying?   Lately, however, Bowie had seemed rejuvenated, following the… Read more →

DAVID BOWIE ALBUM REVIEW – Evening Standard, 27 Feb 2013

David Bowie The Next Day (RCA) 4****   “Here I am, not quite dying,” David Bowie sings on the title track and opening song of his comeback album. There had been newspaper articles fretting about his health, and a decade-long silence so deafening that alt-rock band The Flaming Lips were even moved to write a song entitled Is David Bowie… Read more →