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TOP 10 DJs PASSNOTES – Evening Standard, 7 Nov 2014

Calvin Harris is likely to knock Taylor Swift off the top spot in the albums chart on Sunday, with the follow-up to an album that produced more hit singles than Thriller. Then David Guetta reappears with a new album later this month, his last one having sold three million copies. Meanwhile, these two and their clubland peers are jetting all… Read more →

DEADMAU5 interview – Evening Standard, 13 June 2014

Any nerves at the prospect of meeting deadmau5, famously temperamental dance producer and star of so many internet and real-life feuds, tip over into excitement with the promise of getting close up to his Ferrari. Or “Purrari”, as the man also known as Joel Zimmerman calls it — a svelte Ferrari 458 that he’s had wrapped in the most ridiculous… Read more →