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FALL OUT BOY interview – Evening Standard, 19 Jan 2018

The world’s politicians could learn a thing or two from Fall Out Boy. Things not going to plan? Don’t style it out, and don’t lie about it. Just own up, then work harder.   I was originally supposed to sit down with the Chicago rock quartet’s dual figureheads: singer and chief songwriter Patrick Stump, and lyricist and extensively tattooed bass… Read more →

FALL OUT BOY, Islington Assembly Hall – Evening Standard, 15 Jan 2015

It took just five years for Fall Out Boy to go from being unfashionable emo leftovers to arena rock toasts of the town. The Chicago band’s split, or, more accurately, slightly longer break between albums, allowed them to return in 2013 with a souped-up sound, free from the baggage of leading a scene that no longer exists. Their sixth album… Read more →

FALL OUT BOY, Underworld – Evening Standard, 26 Feb 2013

Having been on hiatus, which seems to mean they split up but not for long, Fall Out Boy have returned to Save Rock and Roll, according to the title of their first album in five years. The reality is less dramatic. Once described with the dread tag emo — meaning they traded in lengthy T-shirt slogans for overexcitable teenagers —… Read more →