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Of all the missed gatherings of 2020, the 50th anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival might be the one that stings the most. That would have been some party, with Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar and Diana Ross all set to perform at what looks like it would have been a gloriously dry one. As it turned out, it was… Read more →

WILDERNESS FESTIVAL, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire – Evening Standard, 5 Aug 2019

Cricket, fine dining and a remarkable amount of public nudity: over nine years Wilderness has carved out a singular niche for itself in festival season.   This is supposed to be the posh one – Sloane Square in a field. David Cameron was snapped here twice before. Those paying a significant extra sum to eat in marquee restaurants run by… Read more →

LONDON FESTIVAL GUIDE 2019 – Evening Standard, 12 April 2019

Almost everybody loves a barbeque in their garden, but that doesn’t mean that by extension they’d also enjoy heading into the wilderness with Bear Grylls to eat spiders and drink their own wee. Same thing with festivals: live music outside is great, without necessarily having to sleep for three nights next to a man in a jester hat playing the… Read more →

UK FESTIVAL GUIDE 2019 – Evening Standard, 8 March 2019

Thankfully the UK has yet to experience a music festival disaster to rival Fyre’s damp squib in the Bahamas, but our outdoor calendar is still very much in flux. One of the stalwarts, Bestival, is rumoured not to be happening this summer, though its little sister Camp Bestival is still on. V Festival doesn’t seem to have survived its sponsor-free… Read more →

KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL/FLAMING LIPS, Alexandra Park – Evening Standard, 23 July 2018

The best thing about going to gigs at Alexandra Palace has always been leaving: stepping out onto a broad dark promenade where the whole of London is laid out beneath you like a glittering circuit board. So how about a festival where the great hall is used as overelablorate toilet facilities and the real action takes place on an outdoor… Read more →

UK FESTIVAL GUIDE 2018 – Evening Standard, 9 March 2018

Glastonbury is having a year off in 2018. Better spend the summer on a Netflix deep dive and keep the jester hat in the loft for another 12 months right? Wrong! Did you know that a host of music festivals that aren’t called Glastonbury have been going on this whole time, and we haven’t even noticed? Here’s a selection of… Read more →

LONDON FESTIVALS GUIDE – Evening Standard, 15 April 2016

Love music festivals? Can’t be bothered with pretending to know how to pitch a tent or “washing” with wet wipes? Have we got the city for you. London’s summer festival season is a different beast from the national scene, where you can still watch amazing bands outside but also admire great architecture, wear normal shoes and get the tube home… Read more →

UK FESTIVAL GUIDE – Evening Standard, 11 March 2016

There are daffodils out there, it’s slightly less cold and you got through Mothers’ Day with aplomb. Naturally at this time of year, thoughts turn towards failing to sleep in a tent pitched far too close to some deafening dance music. The summer festivals have mostly announced their plans, and as ever there’s plenty to tempt you away from London… Read more →

DISCLOSURE, Apple Music Festival, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 28 Sept 2015

The Lawrence brothers of Disclosure had a major Friday. On the same day that the new Bond theme that they produced was revealed, the dance duo released their second album and played this concert broadcast around the world by Apple.   Howard, on bass guitar and occasionally singing, and Guy, mostly on drum pads, still look disarmingly young to be… Read more →

MELTDOWN FESTIVAL: YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, Royal Festival Hall – Evening Standard, 28 Aug 2015

Reuniting for sporadic gigs since 2007, Cardiff’s Young Marble Giants were always unlikely candidates for a lucrative nostalgia tour. The trio seemed shocked even to have made it as far as the Festival Hall, at the behest of this year’s Meltdown curator David Byrne. “Somebody pinch me,” said chief songwriter Stuart Moxham as he slipped onto the wide stage. His… Read more →