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KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL/FLAMING LIPS, Alexandra Park – Evening Standard, 23 July 2018

The best thing about going to gigs at Alexandra Palace has always been leaving: stepping out onto a broad dark promenade where the whole of London is laid out beneath you like a glittering circuit board. So how about a festival where the great hall is used as overelablorate toilet facilities and the real action takes place on an outdoor… Read more →

THE FLAMING LIPS, WAYNE COYNE – Evening Standard, 22 March 2013

Their mind-frazzling live shows regularly have them listed as one of the top 10 bands to see before you die. Now an increasing preoccupation with death and insanity has prompted The Flaming Lips’ gregarious ringmaster, Wayne Coyne, to pack away his space bubble and record an album he calls The Terror. But even if this lifelong merry prankster has started… Read more →