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YOUNG T & BUGSEY interview – Evening Standard, 20 March 2020

“Our career so far has taught us to be patient,” says Doyin “Bugsey” Julius, the more talkative half of Nottingham’s foremost rap duo Young T & Bugsey. “Wait your turn. Don’t wait for ever – you still have to grab it – but our time will come.” Signed to a major label record deal four years ago, 2020 finally looks… Read more →

NOAH CYRUS interview – Evening Standard, 13 March 2020

I ask Noah Cyrus whether she considered, when launching her music career, the possibility of using just her first name, Adele-style, or choosing a different name altogether. “I came up with so many aliases. I think I wanted to wear a mask so I didn’t have to deal with my insecurities,” the 20-year-old admits. “But I’m very happy I didn’t… Read more →

SIMON ARMITAGE/LYR interview – Evening Standard, 6 March 2020

“Poets have collaborated on libretti and hymns and lyrics for songwriters right back to the beginning, so it’s not unusual,” says Simon Armitage of his move to mix music with poetry, although starting a band, LYR, is particularly unsurprising behaviour for him. Surely the indie-est of poets with his floppy hair and loudly proclaimed obsessions with The Smiths and The… Read more →

JESSIE WARE interview – Evening Standard, 28 Feb 2020

“You just missed the Queen,” says Jessie Ware as she stands to greet me in the bar of the Soho Hotel. She means her mum, Lennie, who is becoming almost as well known as the singer since they started co-hosting a podcast, Table Manners, which has been so successful that next month it becomes a live tour and a cookbook.… Read more →

CARIBOU interview – Evening Standard, 21 Feb 2020

Dan Snaith, who makes electronic music as Caribou and also, sometimes, as Daphni, is telling me about the time he turned down Rihanna. It was 2015 and he was surfing on the success of his last Caribou album, Our Love, which had earned him his first trip to the UK top 10, a Grammy nomination and his second Juno award… Read more →

AGNES OBEL interview – Evening Standard, 14 Feb 2020

Agnes Obel has suffered a bump to the head. A thick white plaster sits near the Danish musician’s left eyebrow, which she forgets about at one point, accidentally touches, and winces. She doesn’t say how she did it, but after a while in her company it’s easy to believe that a major jolt occurred when she finally emerged from her… Read more →

NATHANIEL RATELIFF interview – Evening Standard, 7 Feb 2020

At the memorial service for Richard Swift, the musician and producer who died in 2018, aged 41, from complications related to alcohol abuse, a friend approached Nathaniel Rateliff. “We can’t do this for you too,” the friend said. “It wasn’t meant in a mean way. It was meant in a loving way,” Rateliff, also 41, explains. He and Swift were… Read more →

LAUV interview – Evening Standard, 31 Jan 2020

I don’t usually get a hug at the start of an interview – sometimes at the end, if I haven’t said anything too offensive. Ari Leff pulls my outstretched hand into a big one as soon as I enter the room. It would have been even nicer if he’d still been wearing his coat, a large bundle of bright purple… Read more →

MURA MASA interview – Evening Standard, 24 Jan 2020

It’s a little hard to believe that Alex Crossan, who is known for his zeitgeisty electronic music as Mura Masa, is feeling nostalgic. This is hardly a mid-life crisis – he’s only 23. But on his newly released second album, R.Y.C., which stands for Raw Youth Collage, he’s mostly stopped making songs that sound like what pop could be in… Read more →

BEABADOOBEE interview – Evening Standard, 17 Jan 2020

Bea Kristi Laus settles in the corner booth of a Wandsworth cafe at 2pm and orders the mozzarella sticks, which are breakfast. The 19-year-old is winging it again, and why not? From her cutesy, hastily chosen stage name, Beabadoobee – a scatting play on her first name Beatrice – to her lower-than-lo-fi debut recording, Coffee, which earned her a record… Read more →