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KHRUANGBIN interview – Evening Standard, 19 June 2020

They’re only in their various homes on computer screens but the wigs are on for Khruangbin’s interview. Both bassist Laura Lee and guitarist Mark Speer sport heavy, feature-concealing black fringes and hair to their shoulders. Donald “DJ” Johnson has somehow avoided the requirement, maybe because he’s usually already obscured sufficiently at the back behind a drumkit. “I don’t want to… Read more →

ORLANDO WEEKS interview – Evening Standard, 12 June 2020

Orlando Weeks likes the anticipation the most. The spell before the thing that’s coming comes fully into focus, when possibilities crowd around and your next project might become any one of them. He likes to read and listen, watch films and plays, enjoying the luxury of time to soak up inspiration. “There’s this small window where you’re just so embracing… Read more →

JAKOB DYLAN/LAUREL CANYON interview – Evening Standard, 5 June 2020

“In my mind it was the weather, the girls, the surfing, the cars,” said Florida-born Tom Petty, in his last filmed interview before his death in 2017, of the appeal of the other sunshine state on the opposite side of the country. “This is where people that really were big dreamers went, because that’s kind of allowed here.” California dreamin’… Read more →

ARLO PARKS interview – Evening Standard, 29 May 2020

Lockdown is making Arlo Parks feel like she’s 16 again. Having moved back in with her parents in west London, she’s in her childhood bedroom making music the way she used to. “I’m reading, practising guitar, making beats. I’ve got my notebook, my candles, my tea – just chilling,” she says. “Before, you’re travelling here, going to a shoot there,… Read more →

DAÐI FREYR interview – Evening Standard, 22 May 2020

It’s like those hypothetical sporting debates about the best footballer never to play in a World Cup or the best golfer who never won a Major: is Daði Freyr’s Think About Things the best Eurovision song never to take part in the contest? That’s what YouTube (8.1 million views), Spotify (10.2 million plays) and TokTok (53,000 homemade videos) users think,… Read more →

LIANNE LA HAVAS interview – Evening Standard, 15 May 2020

Lianne La Havas’s concert at the Barbican on February 28, two years in the planning, was always going to be a special one, but she didn’t realise exactly how special until later on. A collaboration with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jules Buckley, recorded for Radio 3, it featured her already sumptuous songs arranged in even more elaborate style.… Read more →

MELANIE C interview – Evening Standard, 24 April 2020

Never let it be said that this was a time in which humankind was lacking content. There are now three different ways to watch a video for Melanie C’s new single, Who I Am. From a month ago, there’s a clip the way we used to make them, in which crowds of people wander around an art gallery where the… Read more →

BEASTIE BOYS + SPIKE JONZE interview – Evening Standard, 17 April 2020

Just because it has to be a remote four-way video interview doesn’t mean the Beastie Boys won’t make an effort. When the two surviving band members, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz, dial in from their locked down LA homes alongside Spike Jonze, the director of a new documentary about the group, all three are sporting matching purple sweaters. “I look… Read more →

GLASS ANIMALS interview – Evening Standard, 3 April 2020

Sitting in his home studio in Hackney, just out of two weeks’ quarantine and still a long way from his music life getting back to normal, Dave Bayley of Glass Animals is feeling optimistic. “Between me and the guys, we have a lot of ideas for how to keep things ticking – almost too many ideas,” he tells me. They… Read more →

YOUNG T & BUGSEY interview – Evening Standard, 20 March 2020

“Our career so far has taught us to be patient,” says Doyin “Bugsey” Julius, the more talkative half of Nottingham’s foremost rap duo Young T & Bugsey. “Wait your turn. Don’t wait for ever – you still have to grab it – but our time will come.” Signed to a major label record deal four years ago, 2020 finally looks… Read more →