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TRAVIS interview – Evening Standard, 9 Oct 2020

“I’m more of a visual person than a music person.” It’s a bit late for that, Fran Healy of Travis! The songwriter joined his band in 1991, at the same time as he began a degree at Glasgow School of Art. But he dropped out of art school in his second year, and 14 platinum discs later, he’s wondering if… Read more →

FONTAINES D.C. interview – Evening Standard, 2 Oct 2020

While the music scene lies dormant around him, Fontaines D.C.’s Carlos O’Connell has actually found a way to play some gigs. When we speak via webcam, the Irish guitarist is on an extended holiday with two musician friends – James McGovern from The Murder Capital and Lewis Lazar of Oracle Sisters – on Hydra, the Greek island that Leonard Cohen… Read more →

DAVID GUETTA interview – Evening Standard, 29 Sept 2020

“In March, everything was so depressing. I texted Sia and said, ‘The world needs us.’” David Guetta makes the writing of a new song sound like two Hollywood superheroes getting together to bash seven bells out of the baddies. No wonder: the French DJ and Australian songwriter Sia Furler have a reputation for blockbusters. The pair’s latest collaboration, Let’s Love,… Read more →

MXMTOON interview – Evening Standard, 11 Sept 2020

“I’m a total introvert,” says mxmtoon, which on the one hand sounds feasible – she’s quietly spoken, thoughtful, unfussily dressed, and speaking to me via the laptop in the Brooklyn bedroom where she spends most of her time. Everything she writes is in muted lower case, and although you are invited to call her by her first name, Maia, she… Read more →

ANNA MEREDITH interview – Evening Standard, 4 Sept 2020

Attached to a magnetic board in Anna Meredith’s studio are a series of pencil drawings that look like a seven-year-old’s designs for new Galactic Starcruisers. These are her songs, conceived as shapes that grow wider towards the right of the pages, divided by dark vertical lines and marked with words including “strong”, “full”, “softer”, “massive, joyful!” and “party synth”. “A… Read more →

ANGEL OLSEN interview – Evening Standard, 28 Aug 2020

Angel Olsen’s new release, Whole New Mess, sounds like a lockdown album even though it isn’t. Like Taylor Swift’s Folklore, it has a quiet intimacy, as though written to be experienced alone rather than heard at top volume in a concert crowd. Like Charli XCX’s How I’m Feeling Now, it was recorded quickly, deliberately lacking polish, a set of scribbled… Read more →

NUBYA GARCIA interview – Evening Standard, 21 Aug 2020

While it’s enough of an honour to be invited to perform at Glastonbury in any year, Nubya Garcia is a member of a highly exclusive club: those who can say they played Glastonbury 2020. Amid the BBC’s June airings of past shows at the cancelled festival, the London saxophonist, Laura Marling and Arlo Parks were transported to a shuttered Worthy… Read more →

KANE BROWN interview – Evening Standard, 14 Aug 2020

Kane Brown isn’t big over here just yet. The Tennessee country singer has only played one London gig, at the 2,300-capacity Forum this February, and could easily be confused with a British comedian of the same name. As an indication of how big he is in the US, however, consider this: this week he made news headlines because he had… Read more →

JACOB COLLIER interview – Evening Standard, 7 Aug 2020

Jacob Collier is possibly the first person I’ve spoken to this year who looks completely at home on a Zoom call. The fast-talking multi-multi-instrumentalist is perched at his work station in his music room in Finchley, a sunny space crammed with tempting kit that will be familiar to viewers of his “Logic Session Breakdowns” on YouTube, where he talks fans… Read more →

E^ST interview – Evening Standard, 31 July 2020

Here’s a crumb of comfort for the millions of parents who have been struggling to educate their chldren at home over the past few months: you might at least get a pop star out of it. Before Billie Eilish became one of the biggest singers in the world she was being homeschooled by her mother in Los Angeles. Now there’s… Read more →