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MUSE interview – Evening Standard, 11 Aug 2017

Muse ought to be used to logistical challenges. As one of the most spectacular live bands in the world, the Devon trio know their way around a massive firework blindfolded, and in the past have shared their stage with George Orwell’s all-seeing eye and a giant robot named Charles. They were last seen in London flying giant drones over their… Read more →

YUNGEN interview – Evening Standard, 4 Aug 2017

  At 25, Yungen isn’t quite the young one any more, but the south London rapper still bubbles with puppyish enthusiasm for just about everything when he bounds into his record company office to meet me. He’s all in burgundy, baseball cap, tracksuit and trainers, and visibly overjoyed about playing a role in a golden period for British urban music.… Read more →

PLAN B interview – Evening Standard, 21 July 2017

  How long has Plan B been away? Five years? It seems even longer. When the 33-year-old musician also known as Ben Drew arrives to meet me, his slicked back hair, whether dyed or not, is startlingly grey.   “Yeah, I’ve seen a ghost,” he says, as he clocks my eyes registering the top of his head with surprise. Perhaps… Read more →

JORJA SMITH interview – Evening Standard, 14 July 2017

  Jorja Smith is late. Not just a little late – at the time I’m waiting to meet her for brunch in the City, she hasn’t left her home in Crystal Palace. Oh dear, I think. This is what happens when you switch from recording YouTube covers in your school uniform in Walsall, to working with Drake.   Turns out… Read more →

RUDIMENTAL interview – Evening Standard, 30 June 2017

Rudimental have a new single out today. Good news for fans of their optimistic dance-pop; bad news for their Sunday League football club. Since the band took a break from heavy touring in September of last year, producer/keyboardist/centre back Piers Agget, hype man/midfield general Leon Rolle (aka Locksmith) and keyboardist/striker Kesi Dryden have been free to play on Hackney Marshes… Read more →

MARTIN GARRIX interview – Evening Standard, 23 June 2017

  With most DJs, as with newsreaders, you can’t see their legs. At Martin Garrix’s latest shows, his are as much a part of the spectacle as the fire, steam and hyperactive video screens that are obligatory in the frenzied world of EDM. Visible through a space beneath his equipment, splayed and bouncing, it may be unclear what he’s actually… Read more →

KINGS OF LEON interview – Evening Standard, 16 June 2017

  The Followills come in two by two. That’s the way the three brothers and one cousin who make up Kings of Leon prefer to do interviews. First I get slow-talking middle sibling Caleb and his quieter cousin Matthew, the singer and the lead guitarist forming the more serious, less at ease faction of the Tennessee rock band. Then it’s… Read more →

JULIA MICHAELS interview – Evening Standard, 9 June 2017

  I feel bad for reminding Julia Michaels that she’s making another stadium appearance tomorrow. The LA pop songwriter turned singer will be playing Issues, the biggest-selling song by a new artist in 2017, at Capital FM’s annual Wembley pop parade, the Summertime Ball. Last summer, in what was only her second ever live performance, she sang with dance producer… Read more →

REJJIE SNOW interview – Evening Standard, 26 May 2017

  A lot of rappers have stories of the testing circumstances that they needed to overcome on the rocky journey to stardom: absent parents, poor schooling, crime inflicted on them or by them, drugs dealt or taken, prison time. However, not since 50 Cent was shot nine times has anyone faced as daunting an obstacle as Alex Anyaegbunam. The 23-year-old,… Read more →

LADY LESHURR interview – Evening Standard, 2 June 2017

  You’d like Lady Leshurr’s flat. The Birmingham-born rapper, based in London since 2011, can play table football while looking down from a dizzy height on Stratford station and the Westfield shopping centre. She’s got an entertainment set-up that includes DJ decks, a PS4 and a VR headset. She’s got a little white robot to play with, and her spotless… Read more →