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JULIE BYRNE interview – Evening Standard, 10 Nov 2017

“I’m a fledgling,” Julie Byrne says of her life as a musician. The 27-year-old from Buffalo, New York State, has a song on her most recent album titled I Live Now as a Singer. However, until June of this year, she was living as a nanny.   Byrne has done all sorts and lived all over while slowly, slowly sculpting… Read more →

BILLIE EILISH interview – Evening Standard, 27 Oct 2017

The O’Connells look like any other family on a trip as they bustle into their New York hotel. Mum and dad Maggie and Patrick, flustered but relieved to arrive; older brother Finneas, looking cool in a motorbike jacket and distracted with his girlfriend in tow; 15-year-old Billie, tired and moody after a late night; and her manager.   They look… Read more →

FICKLE FRIENDS interview – Evening Standard, 20 Oct 2017

Should Fickle Friends ever rise to the point where they’re standing at a podium clutching an award, expect Jamie Oliver to be among the first to be thanked. The celebrity chef has been a surprising early champion of the Brighton pop quintet, to the extent that if it wasn’t for him, they might not be playing the 2,300-capacity Forum next… Read more →

BECK interview – Evening Standard, 13 Oct 2017

The wide-roaming music career of Beck Hansen can get a little confusing to the casual observer. People seem to respond with most enthusiasm when he splits himself clearly in two. Perhaps you prefer Sad Beck, perfectly articulating the heartache of a breakup with acoustic guitar and mournful strings on Sea Change in 2002, and revisiting the territory in 2014 on… Read more →

MATTHEW E WHITE interview – Evening Standard, 6 Oct 2017

Matthew E White is explaining to me the power of musical arrangement: “You can sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a major chord and it means one thing, but if you sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a minor chord, it means something completely different. That’s the beauty of it.”   It’s what he does best with his production house,… Read more →

NOT3S interview – Evening Standard, 29 Sept 2017

Uber’s troubles over the past week have been more fortuitous for one Hackney rapper. Addison Lee is both a rival taxi firm and the title of an increasingly popular single by Not3s (pronounced “Notes”). It’s a relaxed, melodic, slightly silly tune about a girl called Maddison, who our hero is so desperate to see that he’s willing to order a… Read more →

ENTER SHIKARI interview – Evening Standard, 22 Sept 2017

I can still remember the first time I ever heard Enter Shikari. If you’re unfamiliar with the St Albans band’s oeuvre, put your feet up next time you have a spare four minutes and give an early song like, say, their 2006 single Sorry You’re Not a Winner a spin. Rave drums, computer bleeps, death metal growls, grinding guitars and… Read more →

MR EAZI interview – Evening Standard, 15 Sept 2017

When a Mr Eazi song starts playing, you’ll know it’s him straight away. “Zagadat! It’s your boy Eazi,” he announces every time, as the beats kick in. He made up the word zagadat. “It means spiritual, beautiful,” he explains. Think of it as his logo, his Universal Pictures globe at the start of a movie. I’ve rarely met anyone so… Read more →

ALT-J interview – Evening Standard, 8 Sept 2017

Back in 2011, when Alt-J were recording their debut album, singer-guitarist Joe Newman’s father popped down to the recording studio. He was so inspired by what he heard that he went straight to the nearest bookies, where he tried to put money on them to win the Mercury Prize the following year. “This would be a much better story if… Read more →

JESSIE WARE interview – Evening Standard, 1 Sept 2017

Listening back, it’s a little tricky to tell whether I’ve spent an hour interviewing Jessie Ware about her new album or her new baby. The two are closely interlinked. Her third long-player, which has a due date of October, was conceived while she was pregnant and mostly written after her daughter was born. Much of it was recorded in No.… Read more →