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RAE MORRIS interview – Evening Standard, 2 Feb 2018

It makes a nice change from all the break-up albums. Someone Out There by Blackpool musician Rae Morris is a dayglo love story, the tale of her growing intimacy with her producer told through vibrant electronic pop.   He’s called Fryars, real name Ben Garrett, and is currently working on Lily Allen’s comeback as well as his own album. He… Read more →

NADINE SHAH interview – Evening Standard, 26 Jan 2018

After we’ve wrapped up our interview, Nadine Shah invites me to watch her participating in a panel discussion down the road at the 100 Club. She can’t remember what it’s about.   It might be a consideration of the plight of the UK’s small gig venues – Shah has curated a UK tour for next week’s Independent Venue Week –… Read more →

FALL OUT BOY interview – Evening Standard, 19 Jan 2018

The world’s politicians could learn a thing or two from Fall Out Boy. Things not going to plan? Don’t style it out, and don’t lie about it. Just own up, then work harder.   I was originally supposed to sit down with the Chicago rock quartet’s dual figureheads: singer and chief songwriter Patrick Stump, and lyricist and extensively tattooed bass… Read more →

TAIO CRUZ interview – Evening Standard, 5 Jan 2018

How was your New Year’s Eve? Did anyone put on Taio Cruz’s Dynamite at the party? “We gon’ rock this club/We gon’ go all night/We gon’ light it up/Like it’s dynamite!” the London singer-songwriter proposed on his none-too-subtle 2010 single, an electropop banger that shot to number one here and number two in the US. Less than a year before… Read more →

JESSIE REYEZ interview – Evening Standard, 1 Dec 2017

Back in April – well before #MeToo and the ongoing exposure of ugly armies of sexual abusers – a little known Toronto singer-songwriter released her debut EP and put out a video for its most striking song, Gatekeeper.   Gatekeeper tells the story of Jessie Reyez’s early attempts to make it in the music business. With its marching beats and… Read more →

DAVE interview – Evening Standard, 24 Nov 2017

I’m not sure I really need to question Dave, the plain-named 19-year-old set to be the next big star of UK rap. The answers are all there on his new EP, Game Over.   Three of the collection’s seven tracks – Question Time, How I Met My Ex and My 19th Birthday, the first two lasting around seven minutes, the… Read more →

MAC DeMARCO interview – Evening Standard, 17 Nov 2017

Mac DeMarco strolls onto the stage at the venerable Olympia theatre in Paris and lines up five bottles of beer on top of an amplifier. By the time they’re about finished, 90 minutes later, he’s shirtless behind the drum kit while drummer Joe McMurray is busy crowdsurfing a full circle around the venue and the rest of the band is… Read more →

JULIE BYRNE interview – Evening Standard, 10 Nov 2017

“I’m a fledgling,” Julie Byrne says of her life as a musician. The 27-year-old from Buffalo, New York State, has a song on her most recent album titled I Live Now as a Singer. However, until June of this year, she was living as a nanny.   Byrne has done all sorts and lived all over while slowly, slowly sculpting… Read more →

BILLIE EILISH interview – Evening Standard, 27 Oct 2017

The O’Connells look like any other family on a trip as they bustle into their New York hotel. Mum and dad Maggie and Patrick, flustered but relieved to arrive; older brother Finneas, looking cool in a motorbike jacket and distracted with his girlfriend in tow; 15-year-old Billie, tired and moody after a late night; and her manager.   They look… Read more →

FICKLE FRIENDS interview – Evening Standard, 20 Oct 2017

Should Fickle Friends ever rise to the point where they’re standing at a podium clutching an award, expect Jamie Oliver to be among the first to be thanked. The celebrity chef has been a surprising early champion of the Brighton pop quintet, to the extent that if it wasn’t for him, they might not be playing the 2,300-capacity Forum next… Read more →