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KANO interview – Evening Standard, 30 Aug 2019

Ideally, Kano wouldn’t be making his return in quite such a flurry of activity, a rush of vital work that is going to make him one of the key faces of the autumn. If all had gone exactly to plan, the east London rapper’s sixth album would have come out last year, allowing a decent amount of time for promotion… Read more →

KANO interview – Evening Standard, 9 Sept 2016

“It’s not just a nod. They’re not ticking a box.” Kane “Kano” Robinson is considering his album Made in the Manor’s nomination for next week’s Mercury Prize, alongside grime kingpin Skepta’s Konnichiwa as well as global heavyweights Radiohead and David Bowie. To put one London rap album on the 12-strong shortlist could have been an exercise in tokenism. Two in… Read more →