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KEATON HENSON, Palladium – Evening Standard, 21 Nov 2016

There was an element of guilt amid the joy at seeing Keaton Henson making a rare appearance on a London stage. As with Brian Wilson, who also performed in this theatre recently and has far more visible mental health issues, audience members may worry about their own role in putting him through the grind of performing. “This has been a… Read more →

KEATON HENSON interview – Evening Standard, 29 Jan 2016

Keaton Henson passes the first test of this extremely rare interview with flying colours: he shows up. There he is in the corner of the BFI Southbank cafe, all in black, hunched and fidgety, with tucked-back hair and a nest of beard that doesn’t say hipster, more fear of the barber’s.   The musician and artist with four albums behind… Read more →

THE ‘DON’T LOOK AT ME’ GENERATION – Evening Standard, 20 June 2014

Everyone knows that the singer of the band is always going to be the one in the spotlight, hogging all the attention, right? Wrong. Go to a Lonely the Brave gig and you might have to search around for a bit before you spot frontman David Jakes.  You’ll eventually find him beside the drum kit like a lost roadie, eyes… Read more →