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LABRINTH interview – Evening Standard, 25 Oct 2019

I’ve got a bone to pick with Labrinth. I interviewed the singer/songwriter/producer in September 2014 about his imminent second album, which was called Take Me to the Truth and was due either in November or December of that year. But it never arrived, and I can’t help but feel that my article was in some way responsible for the lack… Read more →

LABRINTH interview – Evening Standard, 26 Sept 2014

You hear Labrinth coming before you see him, beatboxing and woo-hoo-ing his way up the stairs and along the corridor of his record label. When he enters the room, beaming and energetic, it’s the hat that grabs attention, round and wide-brimmed like a priest’s cappello romano. His grandad used to wear them.   This puppyish 25-year-old has every reason to… Read more →

LABRINTH/iTUNES FESTIVAL – Evening Standard, 17 Aug 2012

Normal service has resumed in London, which means football, patchy weather and, most promisingly, the return of the annual iTunes Festival to Camden’s Roundhouse. A look at the list of stars involved in next month’s 30 days of free concerts is a vivid indication of the power of Apple — for a long time now providers of the overwhelmingly dominant… Read more →