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MATTHEW E WHITE interview – Evening Standard, 6 Oct 2017

Matthew E White is explaining to me the power of musical arrangement: “You can sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a major chord and it means one thing, but if you sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a minor chord, it means something completely different. That’s the beauty of it.”   It’s what he does best with his production house,… Read more →

MATTHEW E WHITE, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 21 April 2015

A warm host with a healthy supply of between-song monologues, Matthew E White’s longest tale last night was about the male, late middle-aged segment of his fanbase and their impossibly high expectations. Any greying critics here may have found fault with how different the Virginia singer-songwriter’s touring band sounded from his two remarkable albums. On record he has everything: strings,… Read more →