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OCTAVIAN interview – Evening Standard, 11 Jan 2019

And lo, it was decreed across the nation that in the year 2019, the musician of greatest import is named Octavian. Ask the internet and it’ll think you’re looking for a Roman Emperor, or perhaps a St Leger Stakes-winning horse from the early 1800s. This one is a rasping London rapper, 22 years old, who was revealed as the winner… Read more →

FOUR TIPS FOR 2019 – Evening Standard, 4 Jan 2019

OCTAVIAN Born in France, raised in London, Oliver Godji had such reach with his first song, Party Here, that Drake filmed himself singing along to it on Instagram. As with everything the Canadian giant touches, it created such buzz that Octavian’s last London show, in September, had to be upgraded from Village Underground to the Electric Ballroom. Even then he… Read more →

OCTAVIAN, Electric Ballroom – Evening Standard, 28 Sept 2018

The last time I saw a queue snaking this far down Camden High Street, Prince was playing at the Electric Ballroom. Octavian, who is not one of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children but a France-born, south London-raised rapper also known as Oliver Godji, first had to upgrade this show from the smaller Village Underground venue, then come on half an hour late… Read more →