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JUSTIN BIEBER vs ONE DIRECTION – Evening Standard, 13 Nov 2015

Today is a historic day. Today the young women of the world scream as one, for today is the day that both Justin Bieber and One Direction release their latest albums. It’s Blur vs Oasis all over again, but with more tattoos and fancier hairdos.   As Bieber’s fourth, Purpose, and 1D’s fifth, Made in the AM, hit the shelves,… Read more →

BOY BAND FIELD GUIDE – Evening Standard, 16 May 2014

While their middle-aged forebears, Take That, are weighed down with tax-avoidance issues, the boy band game is otherwise healthier than it’s been in years. Leading the doe-eyed, chiselled charge are One Direction, now so huge that, as they begin their first European stadium tour in Dublin next week, they take fourth place in the latest Rich List of musicians under… Read more →