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PLAN B interview – Evening Standard, 21 July 2017

  How long has Plan B been away? Five years? It seems even longer. When the 33-year-old musician also known as Ben Drew arrives to meet me, his slicked back hair, whether dyed or not, is startlingly grey.   “Yeah, I’ve seen a ghost,” he says, as he clocks my eyes registering the top of his head with surprise. Perhaps… Read more →

Plan B – Evening Standard 4 May 2012

Plan B: Do you want some, middle England?   Ill Manors is the first feature film from Ben Drew, aka Plan B, and it’s as shocking as his riot-referencing single of the same name. It’s not about heroes in hoodies, he tells David Smyth, but a fight against middle-class prejudices   04 May 2012   Ill Manors single   “I… Read more →