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TOP 10 DJs PASSNOTES – Evening Standard, 7 Nov 2014

Calvin Harris is likely to knock Taylor Swift off the top spot in the albums chart on Sunday, with the follow-up to an album that produced more hit singles than Thriller. Then David Guetta reappears with a new album later this month, his last one having sold three million copies. Meanwhile, these two and their clubland peers are jetting all… Read more →

JAPANESE MUSIC – Evening Standard, 31 Oct 2014

In the sinister basement laboratory where they concoct new musical genres, they really hit the motherlode this year when they came up with “Cute Metal”. This demonic fusion of devil horns and candy floss is exemplified by Japanese trio Babymetal — three school-age girls in black and red who chirp merrily over grinding, thrashing guitars. You’ve probably been directed to… Read more →

DAMIEN RICE – My Favourite Faded Fantasy, first listen – Evening Standard, 12 Sept 2014

There’s only one Irish music comeback worth getting excited about this week. No, it isn’t U2. Damien Rice has announced that his first album since 2006 will arrive in November, a return to recording that could easily never have happened. While the delicate, heartbreaking title track of My Favourite Faded Fantasy has just appeared online, I’ve had an exclusive first… Read more →


The last time Kate Bush performed a concert in London, the Eventim Apollo was called the Hammersmith Odeon and Margaret Thatcher had just arrived at 10 Downing Street. Probably the most influential female musician that Britain has ever produced is finally back at the same venue later this month — you can understand the excitement. Demand is such that she’s… Read more →

EMINEM profile – Evening Standard, 11 July 2014

Eminem appears in concert in London tonight and tomorrow and it’s a big deal whichever way you look at it. Not only is the 41-year-old about to become the first rapper ever to headline at Wembley Stadium, but it’s so long since he’s visited that the last place he played, the London Arena in 2001, doesn’t exist any more. Most… Read more →

MICHAEL JACKSON obituary – Evening Standard, June 26 2009

Over the years we have all compared pictures of the full-cheeked, afro-haired 11-year old at the front of the Jackson 5 to the ghostly, scalpel-altered curiosity who came much later. During a pop career that lasted from four to 50, Michael Jackson’s music underwent an equally radical transformation. Spinning and wailing in unison with his brothers in the early Seventies… Read more →

BOY BAND FIELD GUIDE – Evening Standard, 16 May 2014

While their middle-aged forebears, Take That, are weighed down with tax-avoidance issues, the boy band game is otherwise healthier than it’s been in years. Leading the doe-eyed, chiselled charge are One Direction, now so huge that, as they begin their first European stadium tour in Dublin next week, they take fourth place in the latest Rich List of musicians under… Read more →

ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL – Evening Standard, 25 April 2014

The Sundance film festival returns to its London outpost at the O2 this weekend, once again with an enticing strand of music films and a few concerts to boot. Amid all the arty eccentricity, the real eye-opener is a new documentary about the American music festival the Electric Daisy Carnival. You’ve probably heard that Americans finally love dance music but… Read more →

UK FESTIVALS GUIDE 2014 – Evening Standard, 25 April 2014

Who’s up for a festival then? The first of the season, Wychwood, is upon us in just over a month and after that there’ll be somewhere pretty much every weekend where you can wear wellies and be drunk near a band. While Glastonbury may feel increasingly like Eton, in that you have to put your name down for a ticket… Read more →

BRITPOP 20TH ANNIVERSARY – Evening Standard, 4 April 2014

Gather round, children, have a Cadbury’s Fuse bar and let me tell you my experiences of the Britpop years. They began 20 years ago this week, according to the BBC, which is timing an array of special programmes to coincide with the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death and the day Oasis first played live on Radio 1 — one style… Read more →