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SHURA interview – Evening Standard, 16 Aug 2019

As Shura releases her second album, she’s in a new place, in every sense. New sound, new home, new love – the 28-year-old singer-producer has lots to talk about on a brief visit to her old stomping ground in London before she returns to her current one, Brooklyn. The title of her comeback single, BKLYNLDN, seemed like a cool way… Read more →

SHURA interview – Evening Standard, 27 May 2016

Shura doesn’t look exactly like the greatest new pop act around as she ambles along the street to meet me outside a Brighton cafe. Pint-sized in baggy denim, with sunglasses, a high beanie hat and giant headphones perched facing forwards above her ears, continually lighting and relighting a roll-up, it’s unlikely there are any stylists gaining employment from the 24-year-old’s… Read more →

SHURA, Electric Brixton – Evening Standard, 18 Sept 2015

The power of internet buzz became visible in Brixton last night when Aleksandra “Shura” Denton performed to a sizeable sweating mass of fans without a hit single or an album to her name. This was a big place to fill when the conventional measures of pop success have yet to be met. But her song Touch, a soothing, simple soul… Read more →