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SLAVES, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 26 Nov 2018

Slaves are one of modern music’s less likely successes. The Kent duo have sent three albums into the top 10, all full of brutal rock music that, if it was any more rudimentary, would be performed in the Alexandra Palace car park on dustbin lids rather than in the great hall itself.   They overreached a little here, with… Read more →

SLAVES interview – Evening Standard, 24 April 2015

The new single from Kent duo Slaves is called Cheer Up London. I’m sorry to tell you, long-suffering commuters, that isn’t particularly cheery. Beginning with a vicious cackle from singer/shouter/drummer Isaac Holman, it features a bassline so menacing that you’d cross the street to avoid it on a dark night, and a screamed chorus that goes, “You’re dead already! Dead,… Read more →