The best way to contact me about a new release or gig is by email. Twitter is for making facetious remarks, the phone is for when somebody has been gravely injured. I seem to receive more emails than ever nowadays as print and online work merges, but I promise that I do look at them all and do reply pretty promptly if I can tell you anything useful or positive.

Album reviews are commissioned two weeks before the release date. A monthly gig reviews list is put together roundabout the 19th of the previous month. Downloads and listings for the Friday page are decided at the start of that same week. It’s a mainstream newspaper, so obviously we largely cover the biggest acts and releases.

If you’re contacting me about something before the point when I’ve decided about it, or we simply weren’t able to fit your thing in, I hope it’s understandable that emailing to tell you so falls quite low on the day’s to-do list. I do the best I can. Thanks.

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