CATE LE BON interview – Evening Standard, 13 Sept 2019

When Cate Le Bon glides up the red carpet at the Mercury Prize ceremony next Thursday, few will remember the first time the Welsh singer-songwriter attended. In 2008, a year before she released her debut album, she was there as a guest singer with Neon Neon, the electronic side-project of American producer Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry… Read more →

COMMON, Shepherd’s Bush Empire – Evening Standard, 11 Sept 2019

It doesn’t usually bode well for an impatient crowd when the roadie wheels out a leather armchair and a standard lamp for the main attraction’s arrival. Thankfully, Lonnie “Common” Lynn barely used his props except as signifiers that this wasn’t just his latest gig. It was also an exceptionally energetic episode of This is Your Life.   Even the smell… Read more →

MUNA interview – Evening Standard, 6 Sept 2019

You never know quite what you’re going to get with MUNA. The LA trio’s band name, which they present in capitals though it isn’t an acronym, translates as “hope” or “desire” in Arabic, and is often used as a girl’s name. However, in Finnish slang, it means “dick”, or in the plural, “balls”. Harry Styles found out a bit more… Read more →

KANO interview – Evening Standard, 30 Aug 2019

Ideally, Kano wouldn’t be making his return in quite such a flurry of activity, a rush of vital work that is going to make him one of the key faces of the autumn. If all had gone exactly to plan, the east London rapper’s sixth album would have come out last year, allowing a decent amount of time for promotion… Read more →

MS BANKS interview – Evening Standard, 23 Aug 2019

Ms Banks is running an hour late and the battery on her iPhone is at a perilous 1%. Before I get to ask her any questions, she has an urgent one for me: do I have a charging cable? As a Samsung guy, we’re off on the wrong foot, but the 25-year-old rapper isn’t being a diva today – she’s… Read more →

ARIANA GRANDE, O2 Arena – Evening Standard, 19 Aug 2019

Ariana Grande could be forgiven for avoiding concerts, to stay coccooned in the recording studio where she is currently so prolific. This was the start of her first new tour in Europe since an ex-boyfriend’s death and the bomb at her Manchester show that killed 23 in 2017. No one begrudged the strict security, with only clear plastic bags allowed… Read more →

RUN TALK RUN – Runner’s World, Sept 2019 issue

In the middle of 2017, overwhelmed by the stresses of living and working in London, Jessica Robson began retreating every weekend to her parents’ home in East Sussex, where her mum would drag her out for Sunday runs. “That was quite a dark summer for me. I was really struggling to cope,” she says. “But I found I was opening… Read more →

ANNA McNUFF/BAREFOOT BRITAIN – Runner’s World, Sept 2019 issue

It’s amazing the power of a throwaway comment. One morning over breakfast, full-time adventurer Anna McNuff revealed her latest plan to her boyfriend: 50 marathons, across the UK, entirely barefoot – “Barefoot Britain” was the phrase that had been stuck in her head since her last challenge, cycling 5,500 miles through the Andes across 2016 and 2017.  Of course, given… Read more →

SHURA interview – Evening Standard, 16 Aug 2019

As Shura releases her second album, she’s in a new place, in every sense. New sound, new home, new love – the 28-year-old singer-producer has lots to talk about on a brief visit to her old stomping ground in London before she returns to her current one, Brooklyn. The title of her comeback single, BKLYNLDN, seemed like a cool way… Read more →

WILDERNESS FESTIVAL, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire – Evening Standard, 5 Aug 2019

Cricket, fine dining and a remarkable amount of public nudity: over nine years Wilderness has carved out a singular niche for itself in festival season.   This is supposed to be the posh one – Sloane Square in a field. David Cameron was snapped here twice before. Those paying a significant extra sum to eat in marquee restaurants run by… Read more →