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IDLES, 100 Club – Evening Standard, 12 Feb 2019

People complain that the Brit Awards are too mainstream, a boring glorifying of the major labels’ biggest cash cows, but there’s usually at least one surprise tucked among the predictable nominees. Idles are the wildest of wild cards, a Bristol punk band louder than everyone else at next week’s ceremony put together. Their tweeted reaction to finding themselves up against… Read more →

RADKEY, 100 Club – Evening Standard, 6 March 2014

You couldn’t make Radkey up — three black teenage brothers from Missouri, homeschooled and now managed by their father, Matt Radke, who cocooned them in his influences until they emerged as the unlikeliest punk-rock butterflies last year. They look fantastic. You can choose your favourite on the basis of their hairstyles, like a Spice Girl, whether it’s drummer Solomon’s broad… Read more →