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NICK MULVEY publicity biog, 2013

On a beach in Honduras in the summer of 2010, Nick Mulvey experienced his sink or swim moment. Surrounded by strangers, clutching an acoustic guitar, having just told the other members of his band, Portico Quartet, that he needed this two week holiday to decide whether he was permanently leaving them, he started to sing.   “I knew that I’d… Read more →

POP AWARDS 2013 – Evening Standard, 24 Dec 2013

What became of pop in 2013? Are we in a better place now that David Bowie is back and David Guetta has shut up for a bit, or did we plummet down a moral sinkhole led by Robin Thicke and a sledgehammer-wielding Miley Cyrus? How can we know for sure where we stand? With a haphazardly compiled collection of imaginary… Read more →

PLACEBO, Brixton Academy – Evening Standard, 17 Dec 2013

Always out of step with current trends, Placebo attracted a mixed crowd to the first of two major Brixton shows last night. There were plenty of newer fans, too young to remember the London-based trio’s emergence as American-sounding misfits while Britpop’s flag flew. Still characterised by Brian Molko’s thin, cold voice and bleak outlook, they have moved forward in parts. The new… Read more →

BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE, Purcell Room – Evening Standard, 16 Dec 2013

“I don’t know why you’re laughing. I’m not a comedian,” said a confused Benjamin Clementine as he stared into the dark, sporadically giggling room. It sounded like nervous laughter to me, from a crowd unsure what to make of this Edmonton newcomer’s awkward pauses, mumbled asides and a voice that soared and tumbled into all sorts of unusual shapes. He’s… Read more →

DELTRON 3030, Scala – Evening Standard, 13 Dec 2013

Making conceptual hip hop about a world far into the future, perhaps Deltron 3030 have taken 13 years to follow up their debut album because they were waiting for Earth to catch up with their vivid imaginations. Surprisingly the trio haven’t changed much. Weighty beats, Kid Koala’s hyperactive scratching and the cartoonish rapping of Del The Funky Homosapien still dominated,… Read more →


It was suggested this week that Noddy Holder’s festive yelling on Merry Xmas Everybody has so far earned Slade more than £520,000 in royalties this year alone. That’s some stocking filler for a 40-year-old composition, and the sleigh-bell-infused music keeps coming, with new Christmas albums by everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Mary J Blige this winter (reviewed page 52-53). But… Read more →


Feeling festive yet? Meet Andy Burrows, who has a far stronger claim to be the new face of Christmas than that John Lewis bear. The drummer who escaped from Razorlight in 2009 now has two seasonal albums under his red-and-white hat, and next week brings the most recent, his soundtrack to the animated Snowman sequel, to life at the Union… Read more →

JONATHAN WILSON, Islington Assembly Hall – Evening Standard, 5 Dec 2013

Shoes kicked off, hair tied back, incense stick lit, Jonathan Wilson was well prepared for the Californian hippy odyssey that he served up last night. Following Gentle Spirit, a lovely but low-key debut album in 2011, this year’s follow-up, Fanfare, really cut loose. It was bigger, louder and better, and in concert the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter piled on the solos… Read more →

A CELEBRATION OF BERT JANSCH, Royal Festival Hall – Evening Standard, 4 Dec 2013

Bert Jansch was present at this venue for his 60th birthday celebrations but not, sadly, his 70th. In the same room that the late guitarist’s folk-rock group Pentangle made their 1967 debut, a wide gathering of notable friends played his music for his admirers. Even before he died in 2011 and the plaudits arrived in force, it was obvious that… Read more →

JAMES BLUNT interview – Evening Standard, 29 Nov 2013

It starts gradually, with a realisation that you really like that song, Bonfire Heart, and turn up the radio whenever it comes on. Then you start following James Blunt on Twitter, having heard about his habit of searching for unkind remarks about himself and delivering delightfully pointed smackdowns to the perpetrators (with over 5,000 retweets for the sharpest). Before you… Read more →