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ROCK STARS WHO RUN – Men’s Running magazine, July 2014

Time was, the only regular exercise that rock stars were getting was not suitable for describing in a family magazine. Keith Richards may have the headbands but that’s as close as he’s ever going to get to the runner’s lifestyle. For musicians, whose job is partly to be hip, isn’t running, with its schedules, time challenges and technical clothing, a… Read more →

BEST MUSIC BOOKS OF 2014 – Evening Standard, 4 Dec 2014

Who better to represent the true spirit of this season of excess than a bunch of rock stars? This year’s crop of music biographies, auto- or otherwise, sometimes follow a path we know so well: miserable obscurity/glittering success/druggy tarnish/boring old redemption.   Joe Perry’s Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith (Simon & Schuster, GBP20), like his music, has… Read more →

INSPIRAL CARPETS, Shepherd’s Bush Empire – Evening Standard, 19 Dec 2014

Breaking through just after The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays founded Madchester and before they could have found greater fame as a Sixties-influenced Britpop band, Oldham’s Inspiral Carpets have ended up as more of an indie rock footnote. They had a number two album, Life, in 1990, and were Reading Festival headliners the same year but more people may remember… Read more →

MANIC STREET PREACHERS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 16 Dec 2014

Unlike all the other bands reviving albums with track-by-track gigs, Manic Street Preachers have little reason to feel warmly about The Holy Bible. Their harrowing third release is now 20 years old, an anniversary to commemorate like a death in the family, not a cause for celebration. The album’s chief lyricist, Richey Edwards, plunged to a low ebb at this… Read more →

POP AWARDS 2014 – Evening Standard, 12 Dec 2014

  We run a tight ship here at the Evening Standard pop awards, unlike our film and theatre equivalents, so no wasteful glitzy ceremonies or actual prizes for us. A mention in these prestigious pages will be considered reward enough by the singers we honour here, all heavily responsible for a memorable 2014 in music. So pull up a chair,… Read more →

BBC Music Awards, Earls Court – Evening Standard, 12 Dec 2014

Eight years since Top of the Pops was dropped, the BBC wants to remind us that it really, really likes music. The love-in began with wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage, continued with that all-star God Only Knows video in October, and culminated in the inaugural BBC Music Awards last night. Strangely, there weren’t many awards — just four, two of which went… Read more →

YOUNG FATHERS, XOYO – Evening Standard, 11 Dec 2014

They’re no good at receiving cheques but Young Fathers had no problem delivering a powerful, vital live show. Since they won the Mercury Prize and Scotland’s SAY Award this year, worth £20,000 each, the story has been repeated all over: “Scottish hip hop trio (who knew? I thought it was all Del Amitri up there) fails to smile when handed… Read more →

J COLE interview – Evening Standard, 9 Dec 2014

Most successful musicians, rappers especially, will mark their good fortune by buying the biggest, blingiest house they can find and wave goodbye to taste and restraint as they hand over the giant cheque and start picking out polar bear rugs. This summer Jermaine Cole, the 29-year-old behind two US No 1 albums and a third guaranteed chart topper this week,… Read more →

JACK GARRATT, Cargo – Evening Standard, 5 Dec 2014

Now that Ed Sheeran has been booked to play Wembley Stadium entirely alone next summer, the sky’s the limit for one-man bands. Newcomer Jack Garratt looked even busier than the big-selling troubadour halfway through his first headline tour. At one point he was triggering drum samples with a stick in his right hand, playing keyboards with his left and keeping… Read more →

TEMPLES, Forum – Evening Standard, 4 Dec 2014

Music careers are moving faster and faster. In the old days, the string section wasn’t brought in until the pretentious, overblown second album. Temples wheeled seven extra musicians out here as they finished up touring their first, with their biggest London show so far. The harpist didn’t add much of audible value but was a clear indicator of status. This… Read more →