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RACHEL PLATTEN interview – Evening Standard, 8 Jan 2016

There were probably more than a few New Year’s resolutions made to the sound of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song this month. Since it became a worldwide hit back in August, it has joined Katy Perry’s Roar and Brave by Sara Bareilles as an anthem for girls who don’t give up. “This is my fight song, take back my life song,… Read more →

POP AWARDS 2015 – Evening Standard, 18 Dec 2015

There are no ballgowns, red carpets and fancy meals for us here at the Evening Standard Pop Awards. No, we’re the kind of ceremony that concentrates on what really matters: summing up the music year with an array of hastily made-up categories, and listening to that Justin Bieber album just one more time for research purposes. If you’re after a… Read more →

TROYE SIVAN interview – Evening Standard, 11 Dec 2015

I’ve come to an Islington hotel to interview Troye Sivan. Strictly speaking, he’s beaten me to it. The 20-year-old from Perth, Australia has spent the past eight years posting videos of him singing on YouTube, and since 2012 has been “vlogging” too, talking about everything from leg waxing to condom use to the 3.7 million subscribers to his channel. I… Read more →

DURAN DURAN, O2 Arena – Evening Standard, 9 Dec 2015

For what Simon Le Bon described as an “ancient” band, Duran Duran’s reach stretches far in 2015. Their special guests this evening were Mr Hudson, a sometime Kanye West collaborator and a key contributor to their new album, and actress Lindsay Lohan, who offered a brief spoken word interlude during Danceophobia and left in a shimmer of blue sequins. Others… Read more →

PAUL WELLER, Eventim Apollo – Evening Standard, 7 Dec 2015

I’m Where I Should Be, a less energetic example of Paul Weller’s recent purple patch, could have been an underwhelming opening to his latest run of concerts, but its message was spot on. At 57, an age when he could easily be coasting or semi-retired, this father of seven is working harder than ever. A set dominated by new songs… Read more →

EL VY interview – Evening Standard, 4 Dec 2015

Better catch EL VY in town next week. These are their first London gigs, on their first ever tour, and it sounds as if the new band are already breaking up.   “I don’t think we’re gonna tour any more. I don’t think we’ll do festivals. Unless there was a great opportunity that was the right kind of vibe, but… Read more →

BRING ME THE HORIZON interview – Evening Standard, 27 Nov 2015

As Bring Me The Horizon began the process of writing and recording their fifth album, the Sheffield group’s frontman Oli Sykes decided to do something he’d never tried before: he learned to sing.   “It was a long and arduous process,” says keyboard player Jordan Fish, 29, sitting beside his bandmate so obviously not exaggerating when he adds: “I would… Read more →

IZZY BIZU, Hoxton Hall – Evening Standard, 26 Nov 2015

Izzy Bizu put on a timely concert last night, enjoying the tiny window between the BRITs Critics’ Choice shortlist being announced on Tuesday and her finding out whether she’s won it tomorrow. If the south Londoner already knew where she stands against Jack Garratt and Frances, she wasn’t letting on, but it seemed pointless to give her such a brief… Read more →

Virtually Famous: IZZY BIZU – Evening Standard, 26 June 2015

Among the hopeful up-and-comers at Brighton’s Great Escape festival last month, Izzy Bizu stood out in one the city’s gritty venues like a glass of champagne in a kebab shop. Half English, half Ethiopian, the south Londoner has the looks of a supermodel and a slinky soul voice honed by long periods of Winehouse worship as well as Ella Fitzgerald… Read more →

MARILYN MANSON, Eventim Apollo – Evening Standard, 20 Nov 2015

Marilyn Manson is no longer public enemy number one, a stark reminder of which was a Parisian tribute of red, white and blue lights before he arrived onstage. The shock rocker cancelled his gig in Paris earlier this week but was in combative form in London. Manson has been prowling through the music world for a long time now. His… Read more →