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SLAVES, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 26 Nov 2018

Slaves are one of modern music’s less likely successes. The Kent duo have sent three albums into the top 10, all full of brutal rock music that, if it was any more rudimentary, would be performed in the Alexandra Palace car park on dustbin lids rather than in the great hall itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rBK2mCIZmY   They overreached a little here, with… Read more →

KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL/FLAMING LIPS, Alexandra Park – Evening Standard, 23 July 2018

The best thing about going to gigs at Alexandra Palace has always been leaving: stepping out onto a broad dark promenade where the whole of London is laid out beneath you like a glittering circuit board. So how about a festival where the great hall is used as overelablorate toilet facilities and the real action takes place on an outdoor… Read more →

LIAM GALLAGHER, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 8 Dec 2017

Grieving Oasis fans have rarely had it better, with gigs to attend by both Noel and Liam Gallagher which together add up to a fairly comprehensive greatest hits set by their favourite defunct band. It’s the belated emergence of Liam as a solo act, however, that looks and sounds the most like the good old days. At 45, he hasn’t… Read more →

ROYAL BLOOD, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 21 Nov 2017

Like the other royals celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary on the night of this gig, Royal Blood are a loyal couple admired for their constancy. Old friends who play their stark bass-and-drums rock with minimal outside interference, the Worthing pair seem to have soared over the hurdle of the difficult second this year, making a gold seller of How Did… Read more →

THE MACCABEES, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 30 June 2017

  Just after Adele suggested to her Wembley Stadium audience that she may never tour again, her old friends The Maccabees have joined her in quitting while they’re ahead. In these days of bands building bridges and burying hatchets for lucrative reunions, it takes courage to split your group not long after your first number one album. The south London… Read more →

RUDIMENTAL, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 19 Oct 2015

As Rudimental return with their second album, it feels like the Hackney dance band have never been away. They’ve toured and toured, in the process becoming a formidable collective of around a dozen role-swapping members and firm festival favourites. How they found time to write new songs is anyone’s guess, yet they sat at number one once again last week… Read more →

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 22 Sept 2015

Florence Welch’s current tour might have felt like a minor afterthought after her grand summer, when an unfortunate leg break for Dave Grohl meant that she and her Machine were elevated to worthy Glastonbury headliners in place of Foo Fighters. But playing four nights at Alexandra Palace is a feat in itself, and nothing about the first of those concerts… Read more →

JAKE BUGG, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 22 Oct 2014

In the spirit of every action having an equal and opposite reaction, Jake Bugg has flourished in a pop chart filled with dance music by writing songs on which you can almost hear the cobwebs. He supported Noel Gallagher at gigs when he was starting out, and the 20-year-old seems to feel, like the Oasis curmudgeon-in-chief, that it’s all been… Read more →

THE 1975, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 1 Oct 2014

More than a year since their debut album went to number one, and more like two since they first boarded their tour bus, The 1975 are still at it. “Thank you for being the biggest I’ve ever had,” said wine-waving singer Matt Healy to a cavernous Alexandra Palace. It’s the penultimate stop up the snakes and ladders board of London… Read more →

Björk, Alexandra Palace – Evening Standard, 4 Sept 2013

Premiered at the Manchester International Festival two years ago, Björk’s Biophilia show about the world has been around the world before finally landing in London for its last outing. “We’re a bit mushy and emotional,” said the singer from beneath a huge candyfloss wig and a dress made of sparkles and bumps. The mushy ones included herself, the 18-strong female… Read more →