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BRING ME THE HORIZON interview – Evening Standard, 30 Nov 2018

There’s a song on the next Bring Me the Horizon album called Heavy Metal. It features the beatboxer Rahzel and a heavy dose of electronica and is a considerable distance away from devil-horned, hair thrashing cliche. Not content with being one of the UK’s biggest hard rock bands, now the Sheffield quintet are setting out to become its most interesting.… Read more →

BRING ME THE HORIZON interview – Evening Standard, 27 Nov 2015

As Bring Me The Horizon began the process of writing and recording their fifth album, the Sheffield group’s frontman Oli Sykes decided to do something he’d never tried before: he learned to sing.   “It was a long and arduous process,” says keyboard player Jordan Fish, 29, sitting beside his bandmate so obviously not exaggerating when he adds: “I would… Read more →