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“Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens” reads the illuminated sign by artist Nathan Coley above the old post office in Folkestone. Much as I hate to contradict him, on an otherwise quiet Sunday night, directly across the road at the seaside town’s Quarterhouse venue, something is most definitely happening. The small performance space, a three-year-old black box covered… Read more →

HOT CHIP, Heaven – Evening Standard, 14 June 2012

Hot Chip can be cold fish on record but going live last night at their London comeback show they were scorching. The sweaty cavern of Heaven, a proper nightclub by day, was the ideal spot for their electronic pandemonium, a mass of movement all the way to the back. Augmented to a septet in performance guise, the five original members… Read more →

HOT CHIP – Evening Standard 1 June 2012

“Band makes great fifth album” is not a line you hear often. Most musicians have either split, been dropped or mislaid the quality control button by the time they come near to what is effectively a decade or more of work. Not Hot Chip, who sound more comfortable, more confident and downright better with each release. The London-based dance quintet… Read more →