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HOZIER interview – Evening Standard, 7 Dec 2018

Hozier’s breakthrough hit, Take Me to Church, was an angry howl against organised religion, with a grim black and white video that depicted homophobic abuse in Russia. His recent comeback single, Nina Cried Power, is a stirring tribute to the protest songs of the Civil Rights movement and the struggles of their singers. So I thought the Irish singer-songwriter may… Read more →

HOZIER interview – Evening Standard, 6 June 2014

Poor Hozier. While most musicians get to natter away about the wild extremes of touring life, he’s obliged to get straight down to Russian homophobia and the crimes of the Catholic Church after barely a sip of his coffee. “I always stand by the song and the point that the video made, so it’s never a chore,” the quiet Irishman… Read more →