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ISAAC GRACIE, Hackney Empire – Evening Standard, 27 April 2018

Isaac Gracie’s claims of nerves – a pre-show beer to quell a panic attack, early delivery of a song called Terrified – would have rung a lot truer if he wasn’t dressed in a mostly unbuttoned tropical shirt, bright red flares and stack heels. Here was a man who intended to be looked at. The 23-year-old from Ealing must be… Read more →

ISAAC GRACIE interview – Evening Standard, 21 Oct 2016

Isaac Gracie is feeling a little unsettled. The 21-year-old from Ealing has moved quickly from fantasising that he might, perhaps, one day like to be a rock star, to actually being expected to be one right away. He’s got the look down, at least, sprawled outside a St John’s Wood cafe with a mane of blonde hair, various bracelets and… Read more →