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MICHAEL BUBLÉ, Apple Music Festival, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 29 Sept 2016

After selling over 30 million albums, Michael Bublé seems pretty confident that his audience loves him no matter what. At the Canadian singer’s first concert in nine months he accused his fans of being drunk and said that, “When I think of Britain, I think tramps,” before an unscheduled cover of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile. One fan got the deluxe treatment,… Read more →

CALVIN HARRIS, Apple Music Festival, Roudhouse – Evening Standard, 26 Sept 2016

Calvin Harris claimed in a rare interview last week that his 2014 hit single Summer was “the last EDM song that was successful”. If the Scottish producer is moving away from the cacophonous strain of Americanised dance music that has seen him named the highest earning DJ in the world three years running, it wasn’t evident at the Apple Music… Read more →

DISCLOSURE, Apple Music Festival, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 28 Sept 2015

The Lawrence brothers of Disclosure had a major Friday. On the same day that the new Bond theme that they produced was revealed, the dance duo released their second album and played this concert broadcast around the world by Apple.   Howard, on bass guitar and occasionally singing, and Guy, mostly on drum pads, still look disarmingly young to be… Read more →

ED SHEERAN, iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 30 Sept 2014

As this year’s iTunes Festival draws to a close with just Placido Domingo to go, sticking out like a ginger student in this month of stars was pop’s biggest anti-hero, Ed Sheeran. The hard-gigging singer who broke through with The A Team is now A-list and on the surface he hasn’t changed – same scuffed look, still playing solo with… Read more →

MAROON 5, iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 12 Sept 2014

It has been interesting to watch the progression of Maroon 5 from lightweight Red Hot Chili Peppers-aping funkateers to the kind of band towards which people hold up signs saying: “Adam, can I lick you?” “No, you cannot lick me,” replied Adam Levine, sometime Sexiest Man Alive according to People magazine. But bearded and dressed down, he had good reason… Read more →

5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 5 Sept 2014

Occupying the rarely straddled territory between boy band scream magnets and credible rockers, 5 Seconds of Summer have managed both to support One Direction on tour and win an award from metal magazine Kerrang! this year. At the iTunes Festival, young girls far outnumbered anyone more dangerous in their audience — a five-year-old nibbled a rice cake in front of… Read more →

KATY PERRY, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 1 Oct 2013

This year’s iTunes Festival closed last night, with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga acting as none-more-glamorous bookends to a star-studded month. Perry, a natural inhabitant of the gigantic pop arena even when she was playing pubs, didn’t strip things down for the theatre setting. Only two different outfits across 10 songs might count as restrained, but one of them did… Read more →

TINIE TEMPAH, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 27 Sept 2013

Tinie Tempah made a big splash when he popped up from the grime underground in 2010. The man born Patrick Okogwu won Brits and received a Mercury nomination for his double platinum debut album, Disc-Overy, as well as playing against type by addressing the Oxford Union and taking tea at Claridge’s on Newsnight. Now comes his chance to firm up… Read more →

ARCTIC MONKEYS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 10 Sept 2013

Just specks in the distance at Glastonbury, Arctic Monkeys were large and in charge as they played at close quarters on the day they released their fifth album. Phase five of the quartet’s existence is their fullest transformation yet. The indie discos of Sheffield seem a world away now that all of them are based in LA and making slinky,… Read more →

MUMFORD & SONS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 25 Sept 2012

Conveniently, Mumford & Sons got to play their iTunes Festival show on the day that their second album was released. That meant plenty of new songs, which was no great hardship for those who are familiar with the formula — slow starts, followed swiftly by double-speed banjo and Marcus Mumford’s thumping foot drum. The quartet continued to rouse the rabble,… Read more →