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MUMFORD & SONS interview – Evening Standard, 31 May 2019

Mumford & Sons and Piers Morgan: it’s the perfect early evening light entertainment combo, according to the talent bookers at The One Show, where the heavyweight rock band and the professional contrarian find themselves a teatime double bill. In the Mumfords green room before showtime, where there are more packets of Minstrels than are strictly necessary even for a band… Read more →

MUMFORD & SONS/BAABA MAAL/BEATENBERG/THE VERY BEST interview – Evening Standard, 17 June 2016

If the widescreen rock of the third Mumford & Sons album, last year’s Wilder Mind, didn’t convince you that they aren’t the band you think they are, perhaps they can persuade you this summer. “If people sign up to be fans of this band, they need to understand that we’re going to be moving on quite quickly and doing lots… Read more →

THE SONS (AND DAUGHTERS) OF MUMFORD – Evening Standard, 2 Nov 2012

The second album that has launched them into a new stratosphere of fame, the Hollywood marriage, the snobbish critical derision that comes with being prominently displayed in Tesco — Mumford & Sons are currently having their Coldplay moment. Just as Coldplay’s second long-player, A Rush of Blood to the Head, brought the band global fame and Chris Martin the hand… Read more →

STAR SPOTTED: BAND ON BAND TIPS – Evening Standard, 5 Oct 2012

At the risk of putting myself out of a job, it occurs to me that while we music critics perch on our gilded thrones passing lofty judgement on every new download flung our way, other musicians have been doing a decent job of recommending fresh talent the whole time. Every successful act brings along a selection of potential stars in… Read more →

MUMFORD & SONS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 25 Sept 2012

Conveniently, Mumford & Sons got to play their iTunes Festival show on the day that their second album was released. That meant plenty of new songs, which was no great hardship for those who are familiar with the formula — slow starts, followed swiftly by double-speed banjo and Marcus Mumford’s thumping foot drum. The quartet continued to rouse the rabble,… Read more →