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MUSE interview – Evening Standard, 11 Aug 2017

Muse ought to be used to logistical challenges. As one of the most spectacular live bands in the world, the Devon trio know their way around a massive firework blindfolded, and in the past have shared their stage with George Orwell’s all-seeing eye and a giant robot named Charles. They were last seen in London flying giant drones over their… Read more →

MUSE interview – Evening Standard, 24 May 2013

London’s stadium summer is about to begin and Muse intend to kick off proceedings with a deafening bang. I wouldn’t want to be Rihanna, Green Day, The Killers or Robbie Williams and have to follow the grand-scale spectacle that the Devon trio are promising at the Emirates Stadium this weekend. For Muse are the biggest band in the world right… Read more →

MUSE, Shepherd’s Bush Empire – Evening Standard, 19 Feb 2013

The three forlorn party balloons being patted around the audience were the clearest indication that this was no ordinary Muse show. The charity War Child’s pre-Brit Awards concert is usually star-studded, but always stunt-free. So for a band that employs more lasers and explosions than the average doomsday scenario, this was like going into the shark tank without a cage.… Read more →

ALBUMS OF AUTUMN – Evening Standard, 21 Sept 2012

Anyone who thinks the album format is losing out to smash-and-grab downloads need only look at what’s coming out over the next few weeks. While it’s been a summer of megagigs, from the Olympic ceremonies on down, welcome to the autumn of albums. There’s at least one unmissable release being thrown in our direction every week for the next two… Read more →