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NATALIE PRASS interview – Evening Standard, 20 April 2018

To the long list of people inconvenienced by Donald Trump’s presidency, we can now add Natalie Prass fans.   The 32-year-old musician from Richmond, Virginia released a stunning, self-titled debut album in early 2015 – beautifully ornate music draped in strings and horns that harked back to the classic soul of Dionne Warwick, Curtis Mayfield and Dusty Springfield’s Memphis recordings.… Read more →

MATTHEW E WHITE interview – Evening Standard, 6 Oct 2017

Matthew E White is explaining to me the power of musical arrangement: “You can sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a major chord and it means one thing, but if you sing, ‘I love you’ and strum a minor chord, it means something completely different. That’s the beauty of it.”   It’s what he does best with his production house,… Read more →

NATALIE PRASS, Lexington – Evening Standard, 28 Jan 2015

In a King’s Cross pub, Natalie Prass made tentative steps towards bringing her sumptuous sound to London. The Virginia singer-songwriter’s first headline appearance here was as part of a quartet, rather than with the dozens who appear on her extraordinary debut album, out this week. She makes rich, million-dollar soul, drenched in strings and horns, that would be better suited… Read more →

NATALIE PRASS interview – Evening Standard, 16 Jan 2015

The world of pet clothing’s loss is music’s gain. Natalie Prass got so tired of waiting for her exquisite debut album to be released that she started a company making outfits for dogs. “There came a point when I was thinking, ‘I’m now 26, 27, working on music every day but I’m not making, like, a lot of money. What’s… Read more →