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YEARS & YEARS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 11 July 2018

Years & Years, the trio with the doubled-up band name, have increasingly become all about one man as they release their second album. Singer Olly Alexander is the only one on the cover of Palo Santo, the only one giving the interviews, and was the only one wearing PVC shorts with a stairway to himself at this one-off release party.… Read more →

TOM MISCH, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 9 March 2018

Despite the giant silhouettes of his face framing the Roundhouse stage, Tom Misch has managed an impressive rise while remaining remarkably anonymous. Still a month away from releasing his debut album, the south London guitarist has sold out two nights at the Roundhouse this week and played a prestigious outdoor show at Somerset House last summer. We can credit a… Read more →

REAL ESTATE, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 14 June 2017

As festival season progresses, hopefully lots of people will have an opportunity to doze in a sunny field while the songs of Real Estate drift by overhead. There’s a time and a place for the New Jersey band’s gentle jangle, and I’m not convinced it’s in a dark sweaty Roundhouse at their biggest London show yet. With that deliberately bland… Read more →

ANGEL OLSEN, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 25 May 2017

  Manchester’s concert terror did not reduce attendance at Angel Olsen’s largest London show. A thorough bag search and extra body scan were mild inconveniences and there was no obvious dampening of the mood. It wasn’t quite business as usual, however. “Unfucktheworld” read the suddenly vital T-shirts on the merchandise stand, after one of her songs. The line: “I want… Read more →

JAMIROQUAI, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 3 April 2017

    Jay Kay may have been worried that he was losing out to the similarly named James Bay in the “musician mostly famous for wearing a hat” stakes, so has returned after seven years away from pop with his most extraordinary headgear yet. A motorised, illuminated set of prongs inspired by scaly mammal the pangolin, it gave him his… Read more →

LAURA MARLING, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 20 March 2017

During a spell in which every member of her band was encouraged to share a story or make an announcement, Laura Marling’s drummer revealed that earlier in the day, a passing pigeon had relieved itself into his coffee. As ever in the world of the preturnaturally composed singer-songwriter, any troubles happens far from the stage. In the build-up to the… Read more →

GHETTS, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 31 Jan 2017

The Roundhouse’s “In the Round” season allows slightly less prominent acts to perform in the iconic space by reconfiguring it into an all-seater format. That suits soft singer-songwriters, but for grime veteran Justin “Ghetts” Clarke it was an invitation to disruption. By the time an army of pals had piled onto the stage for a climactic Top 3 Selected, including… Read more →

JAMES VINCENT McMORROW, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 18 Oct 2016

He’s not as big here as he is in his native Ireland, where his recent third album went to number one, but there are still strong feelings for James Vincent McMorrow here. I’ve rarely seen a more genuine desire for an encore from a London crowd that usually knows its stars are going to return regardless. Perhaps it’s only the… Read more →

MICHAEL BUBLÉ, Apple Music Festival, Roundhouse – Evening Standard, 29 Sept 2016

After selling over 30 million albums, Michael Bublé seems pretty confident that his audience loves him no matter what. At the Canadian singer’s first concert in nine months he accused his fans of being drunk and said that, “When I think of Britain, I think tramps,” before an unscheduled cover of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile. One fan got the deluxe treatment,… Read more →

CALVIN HARRIS, Apple Music Festival, Roudhouse – Evening Standard, 26 Sept 2016

Calvin Harris claimed in a rare interview last week that his 2014 hit single Summer was “the last EDM song that was successful”. If the Scottish producer is moving away from the cacophonous strain of Americanised dance music that has seen him named the highest earning DJ in the world three years running, it wasn’t evident at the Apple Music… Read more →