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CARL ADAMS of PRIMAL ROOTS interview – Runner’s World, March 2020 issue

“There have been two defining moments in my life, 30 years apart, where I’ve felt completely at peace, completely at home, and like I’m where I’m meant to be,” says Carl Adams. “They were my first drink, when I was 13, and my first time in the woods doing outdoor fitness. They almost triggered the same feelings in my mind,… Read more →

RUN TALK RUN – Runner’s World, Sept 2019 issue

In the middle of 2017, overwhelmed by the stresses of living and working in London, Jessica Robson began retreating every weekend to her parents’ home in East Sussex, where her mum would drag her out for Sunday runs. “That was quite a dark summer for me. I was really struggling to cope,” she says. “But I found I was opening… Read more →

ANNA McNUFF/BAREFOOT BRITAIN – Runner’s World, Sept 2019 issue

It’s amazing the power of a throwaway comment. One morning over breakfast, full-time adventurer Anna McNuff revealed her latest plan to her boyfriend: 50 marathons, across the UK, entirely barefoot – “Barefoot Britain” was the phrase that had been stuck in her head since her last challenge, cycling 5,500 miles through the Andes across 2016 and 2017.  Of course, given… Read more →

BRUCE TULLOH profile – Runner’s World, Sept 2018 issue

“Our main hope here, the barefooted lightweight wonder, Bruce Tulloh,” the Pathé news reporter says in delightfully plummy tones, over black-and-white shots of the British athlete’s victory in the 1962 European Championship 5,000 metres in Belgrade. “That frail form conceals a lot of strength.”   Tulloh, at under 5’8, close to 8 stone and gently spoken, could have been a… Read more →