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JAKE SHEARS, Scala – Evening Standard, 16 Aug 2018

One of the best songs on Jake Shears’ debut solo album is Sad Song Backwards, on which the singer imagines that all the losses of your typical country ballad happen in reverse and you get everything back. The 39-year-old seemed to be living his career in reverse, too, returning to the unpleasantly packed club venue where his band Scissor Sisters… Read more →

CHILDHOOD, Scala – Evening Standard, 29 Nov 2017

Usually when a musician introduces their dad during a show, he’s waving proudly somewhere in the audience. Childhood frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft’s father Robin could be found to his left, on the trumpet. He only just had elbow room in this enhanced version of what was once an unremarkable indie band. Tonight there were nine people on the stage, stewing up… Read more →

FOXES, Scala – Evening Standard, 5 March 2014

Among this year’s crop of young pop hopefuls, Foxes must be the only one with a Grammy. The 24-year-old singer from Southampton, who changed her stage name from Louisa Allen to avoid confusion with Lily, may have played in a small venue last night but she is already a big name thanks to an impeccable range of guest appearances. Clarity,… Read more →

DELTRON 3030, Scala – Evening Standard, 13 Dec 2013

Making conceptual hip hop about a world far into the future, perhaps Deltron 3030 have taken 13 years to follow up their debut album because they were waiting for Earth to catch up with their vivid imaginations. Surprisingly the trio haven’t changed much. Weighty beats, Kid Koala’s hyperactive scratching and the cartoonish rapping of Del The Funky Homosapien still dominated,… Read more →

OF MONSTERS AND MEN, Scala – Evening Standard, 13 July 2012

Of Monsters and Men actually consist of five men, two women and no monsters, and hold the surprising honour of being the Icelandic musicians with the highest charting album ever in America. My Head is an Animal, released almost a year ago in their homeland and coming out here next month, has surpassed even Björk’s efforts with its US chart position,… Read more →