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ANNE-MARIE, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 2 Feb 2016

Despite having sung to thousands, Anne-Marie Nicholson was delighted to see a few hundred people there just for her on the last night of her solo tour. She has lasted longer than the likes of Ella Eyre and John Newman as a touring vocalist for dance collective Rudimental, perhaps because this former karate champion can more than hold her own… Read more →

MATTHEW E WHITE, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 21 April 2015

A warm host with a healthy supply of between-song monologues, Matthew E White’s longest tale last night was about the male, late middle-aged segment of his fanbase and their impossibly high expectations. Any greying critics here may have found fault with how different the Virginia singer-songwriter’s touring band sounded from his two remarkable albums. On record he has everything: strings,… Read more →

ANDREYA TRIANA, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 7 April 2015

It was appropriate for Andreya Triana to begin her set with a stirring song entitled It’s Not Over. The London soul singer might have been forgotten five years after her debut album. She sneaked into the top 10 in late 2013, with an uncharacteristic dance remix of her song Everything You Never Had by producer Breach, but otherwise she’s been… Read more →

ALBERT HAMMOND, JR, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 16 May 2014

When you’re the guitarist in a band that hasn’t played live since 2011 and has seemed for years to be on the verge of splitting, you need to find some way to pass the time. For Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes, it used to be hard drugs — crack, heroin, the lot. But these days he prefers more wholesome… Read more →

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE, Village Underground – Evening Standard, 7 Aug 2013

The novelty should have worn off with The Polyphonic Spree by now, so long is it since all 24 of them crashed on to the UK music scene at David Bowie’s Meltdown Festival in 2002. With their choral robes and kitchen-sink sound, the Texan collective were hard to forget but surely not built to last. Their most dedicated fans say… Read more →