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TAYLOR SWIFT, Wembley Stadium – Evening Standard, 25 June 2018

Thirty-six hours and 90 miles distant, my wristband from Taylor Swift’s extraordinary Wembley show is still flashing. The white rubber device, given to every member of the audience, is a tireless reminder that when it comes to the maximum dazzle of stadium pop, nobody does it better.   The wristband stunt was borrowed from Coldplay, but I don’t recall theirs… Read more →

BILLY JOEL, Wembley Stadium – Evening Standard, 12 Sept 2016

Unlike so many veteran musicians, Billy Joel doesn’t subscribe to the notion that a major tour requires an accompanying new album. The piano man hasn’t released a collection of songs since 1993. Why bother, when last year he pulled in almost $32 million by playing 30 concerts? If it was mildly depressing for so successful a songwriter essentially to be… Read more →

COLDPLAY, Wembley Stadium – Evening Standard, 16 June 2016

No one needs to be persuaded to put their hands in the air at a Coldplay gig. The band’s light-up wristbands, first handed out on their last stadium tour four years ago, make it irresistable. If anyone chose to put together a list of the seven wonders of the music world, this is surely one of them: Wembley Stadium twinkling… Read more →

THE KILLERS, Wembley Stadium – Evening Standard, 24 June 2013

The Killers were so excited to be playing Wembley Stadium for the first time that they wrote a song about it. A cute ditty that namechecked many of the bands that had filled this vast space before them, it even referenced Freddie Mercury’s Wembley Live Aid “day-oh!” in the chorus. Four albums into a career that was always heading stadiumwards,… Read more →

CAPITAL FM SUMMERTIME BALL, Wembley Stadium – Evening Standard, 11 June 2012

With Coldplay booked as the opening act at 4pm, big things were clearly in store for attendees at Capital FM’s latest stadium roadshow. A fast-moving conveyor belt of top 10 stars both from here and the US, it was a handy primer in current mainstream tastes and a quick way to realise, grandad-like, that almost all current chart pop really… Read more →