FOXES, Scala – Evening Standard, 5 March 2014

Among this year’s crop of young pop hopefuls, Foxes must be the only one with a Grammy.

The 24-year-old singer from Southampton, who changed her stage name from Louisa Allen to avoid confusion with Lily, may have played in a small venue last night but she is already a big name thanks to an impeccable range of guest appearances.

Clarity, her collaboration with DJ Zedd, was named Best Dance Recording at the Grammys in January. She emphasised its powerful melody with a simple piano backing here, before surrendering to its thunderous trance elements.

This is the week she landed her first top 10 hit under her own steam — Let Go For Tonight, an energetic closer with much of Florence + the Machine’s bombast, accompanied by a battery of lasers.

A debut album was recently postponed from this month to May, suggesting all is not quite going to plan. Maybe she needs extra time to deliver the killer hit that can distinguish her from all the other solo women kicking around. As well as the Florence similarities, she looks a little like Lady Gaga, has Kate Bush’s theatricality in the slower numbers and clearly desires a slice of Ellie Goulding’s dance-pop dominance.

The thumping piano of Night Owls sounded like her best bet for another radio favourite and a dramatic cover of Eminem’s Monster showed that she knows how to win over pop fans.

Her voice was strong and she looks the part of the pop starlet, whatever her ballad Beauty Queen says about appearances being unimportant. Time will tell if that award was as good as things will get.