JESSIE WARE, Brixton Academy – Evening Standard, 30 Jan 2015

Wearing all black and what appeared to be a cape, Jessie Ware was understandably feeling like a superhero last night. Newly married and nominated for British Female at the BRITs for the second time, the Brixton girl was on stage for the first of two major homecoming shows.

“I was more chilled on the wedding day than I am tonight,” she confessed, pointing out her family in the audience and revealing that as a girl she used to spot whose name was on the front of this historic venue from her friend’s window.

Her songs were less calm than they are on record too. With two albums’ worth of sultry slow jams, crafted to drift by at a mildly hip dinner party, she’s the last person you’d expect to have the upper tier standing throughout. But the falsetto blast of Champagne Kisses and slinky rhythm of 110% proved irresistible.

Backed by four nondescript blokes, she had enough charisma to carry the show alone. Like Lily Allen she can sing the sweetest pop tune, then swear and cackle her way into the next one. Occasionally the band started up again while she was still gabbling, as though trying to curtail an Oscar winner’s speech.

In their punchy, powerful live guises, songs such as Wildest Moments and No to Love were winners. Now she just needs a BRIT to make this a truly heroic year.